Gitzo GT1550 Traveler Review

By Paul Riegler on 14 May 2010
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The carbon-fiber Gitzo GT1550 Traveler is the lightest and most compact tripod I have ever seen.  It features a patented 180° folding mechanism to minimize space requirements; the head is stored inside the folded tripod legs.

Lightweight, however, does not mean a lack of stability; I found it to compare favorably to much heavier (and far less portable) tripods, in part thanks to unique technology such as an upper disc Safe Lock, which cuts down on vibrations and improves the grip between the tripod and the head.

For the photographer/business traveler on the go who needs the stability of a tripod, this is arguably the best on the market and an excellent choice.  It weighs 1 kg without the head (2 kg with the included ball head) and collapses down to 35.5 cm (14”).  It can support a substantial SLR with lens and extends to 146 cm (57.5”).

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-Paul Riegler is a contributing editor at Executive Road Warrior.

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