Siemens Gigaset One

By Paul Riegler on 1 March 2010
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It is estimated that 25% of U.S. households have cut the cord and abandoned their landlines, relying entirely on mobile phone. Gigaset One Many people, however, like the convenience of an old-fashioned desk or wall phone.  In a case of “you can indeed have your cake and eat it too,” the Siemens Gigaset One mates mobile phones with the legacy wiring in your home.  If you still have a home phone line, the Gigaset One merges home and mobile phones together.

The Gigaset One can be used in either of two configurations.  If you don’t have a landline phone account, you plug the device into any RJ-11 telephone jack in your home and it will make the Gigaset One system  accessible from any phone jack in the house.  If you do have a landline phone account, you can either plug the Gigaset One  into one particular phone or use an adapter to plug it into multiple phones (although this last step can make it a bit cumbersome in terms of wiring).  With this configuration you get the equivalent of a second phone line.  The Gigaset One supports up to three mobile phones in any configuration.

The Gigaset One is easy to install (I found it no more difficult than pairing a headset to a mobile phone).  Once installed, you can place and receive calls (depending on which configuration you use) through the connected phones.  If you have an unlimited calling plan on your mobile phone, you can access it through a traditional home phone.  Incoming calls to the mobile will ring on the home phone(s) as well.

The Giagset One can be mounted on a wall or used with a small stand.

-Paul Riegler is a contributing editor at Executive Road Warrior.

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