Winter Storm Tech and Travel Tips

By Paul Riegler on 24 February 2010
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Weather forecasters are calling for a “snow hurricane” in many parts of the United States and business travelers need to take certain precautions, be they on the road and heading home or heading out on a trip.DSC_0062

Pack for the duration.  Be it for trains, planes, or automobiles, weather delays can spiral out of control and can even impact areas of the country where it’s sunny and warm.  Take enough clothing and medication for a few extra days, just in case.

Keep your devices charged. Power outages are common and your mobile phone might work even when a hotel’s phone system is down.  Having a fully charged laptop will allow you to get work done (or watch a movie) during a power outage; consider taking along an extra, fully-charged battery and a car charger (which will work in your car even during a power outage).batteries

Text if you can’t get through by phone. Text messages use fewer network resources than a phone call and can often get through more quickly.

Know whom to call in an emergency. Program important and emergency contact information into your mobile phone and keep a printout handy just in case.

Keep devices dry during a storm. It sounds like common sense but many people damage their devices by exposing inadvertently them to the elements.

Use technology to track weather and travel information. Bookmark your airline’s Web site and direct links for weather information for your radar

Take photos. If you have an accident or suffer damage from a flood, use your camera phone to document the damage.  And if you see beautiful snowscapes, take photos of that too.

Use the right luggage. Laptops and cameras can be damaged if not carried in bags meant for this purpose.  In icy conditions, you are more likely to slip and drop something fragile.   Manufacturers such as Tumi and others offer a wide variety of bags to protect your electronics gear.

Paul Riegler is a contributing editor at Executive Road Warrior.

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