Dell Wasabi Printer Review

By Paul Riegler on 1 February 2010
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A color printer is something that is not likely to be found in the bags of most business travelers, but the Dell Wasabi PZ31 printer, which weighs only 225 g and uses Zink (Zero Ink) technology for printing, is so small that this might very well change.Family of Wasabi PZ310 Photo Printers

While many photographers bemoan the fact that Polaroid will stop production of Polaroid film this year, the company has created new technology that marries instant and digital photography.

Polaroid’s Zink technology requires no ink cartridges. Rather, cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals are embedded into three layers in Zink paper that also features a protective polymer coating. The heating mechanism in the printer activates the dye crystals to produce an image on the 2×3” paper.

The Wasabi connects directly to digital cameras via a USB cable or Bluetooth. Setup is fairly simple and print quality is good enough to share photos during a trip or meetings.

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