Club Glove Train Reaction Luggage System

By Jonathan Spira on 15 October 2009
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Given the realities of travel today, many business travelers need to take more stuff – not less – on trips but they simply don’t have the right luggage to do so. Train Reaction - Set 1 - black-copper Making sure one has room for clothing, footwear, business gifts, papers, and all of one’s electronics gear (not to mention chargers and cables) for a variety of activities, is a challenge. In addition, one has to have room to bring home souvenirs, papers, as well as gifts received along the way.

One solution is to take multiple suitcases – but moving them in unison from airport to taxi etc. often presents Sisyphean challenges.

Placing wheels on luggage and later on providing retractable handles were thought to be great innovations in their day.  Another innovation comes from West Coast Trends, maker of the popular Club Glove line of travel bags for golfers, with a luggage system designed to make it easier to travel with multiple bags.

The Train Reaction luggage system is a three-piece luggage set; each piece is attached to the others in a well balanced manner and they glide across all surfaces, including harsh cobblestones and grass (in part this is due to the in-line skate wheels arrangement).  The individual pieces, which are very well constructed, are cleverly designed (the duffel has two exterior shoe pockets) and the retractable handle has two positions to accommodate people of varying stature. $727 (for set number 1, consisting of Carry-On, Shoulder 2, and Rolling Duffle 2)

–Jonathan B. Spira is the Editor of Executive Road Warrior and Chief Analyst at Basex, a knowledge economy research firm.

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