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By David Goldes on 1 November 2008
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If you think of a camcorder as bulky and cumbersome, you haven’t seen Pure Digital’s Flip Mino.  APPROVED-mino_USB_up_blackThe Flip is both pocket-friendly and easy-to-use.    Weighing in at just 3.3 ounces (its predecessor tipped the scales at 5.2 ounces), you might even forget you have it with you (I did, several times).

The Flip gets its name from the retractable USB arm that pops out on demand (no need to have the proper USB cable with you – ever).

Three hours of charge time should give up to four hours of camera use (the Flip sports 2 GB of built-in memory, enough for an hour of actual recording time).

Image quality is suitable for YouTube videos, informal business presentations, or memories of a trip.  Flip’s software for viewing and rudimentary editing is included on the device and you can use it to send unlimited private video e-mails or greeting cards. It also features direct upload to services such as YouTube. And it’s great fun too.

$179 at www. theflip.com

–David Goldes is a Contributing Editor at Executive Road Warrior and President and Senior Analyst at Basex, a knowledge economy research firm.

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